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Translator Portal Documentation & Resources

Please find the latest versions of our user guides below. It's important that you read and understand the instructions. Please contact your project manager if you have any questions.

  • Translator Portal and Self-Service - Freelancer User Guide
  • The Web Editor - Freelancer User Guide
  • Amazon Invoicing Instructions for Freelance Translators
  • Payee Central User Guide for EU Freelance Team
  • test
  • TamperMonkey script

  • Style Guides for Freelancers

    This section of the page contains the style guides for the jobs freelancers claimed from Self-Service. Currently the page contains stlye guides for the skills Light MTPE, Full MTPE and Human Translation.

    To see the style guides available for your job, please check the target language code shown on the job offer in Translator Portal and make a selection from the table below accordingly.

    List of target languages supported in Translator Portal
    Target Language Country/Region Target Language Code
    Arabic Arab Emirates ar-AE
    Bengali India bn-IN
    Chinese China cn-ZH
    Chinese Taiwan zh-TW
    Czech Czech Republic cs-CZ
    Dutch Netherlands nl-NL
    English Australia en-AU
    English Canada en-CA
    English Great Britain en-GB
    English United States en-US
    French France fr-FR
    German Germany de-DE
    Hebrew Israil he-IL
    Hindi India hi-IN
    Italian Italy it-IT
    Japanese Japan jp-JP
    Kannada India kn-IN
    Korean Korea ko-KR
    Malayalam India ml-IN
    Marathi India mr-IN
    Polish Poland pi-PL
    Portuguese Portugal pt-PT
    Portuguese Brasil pt-BR
    Spanish Spain es-ES
    Spanish Mexico es-MX
    Spanish Latin America es-US
    Swedish Sweden sv-SE
    Tamil India ta-IN
    Telugu India te-IN
    Turkish Turkey tr-TR